Aquarium Fish Tank Background Static Cling - Scuba Diving Fluval Juwel #0001

Size: 1 x 90cm x 45cm / 35" x 17"
Sale price£19.99


Static Cling Aquarium Background.
Size: 90cm x 45cm  / 35" x 17" (Ideal for the Fluval Roma 125, Juwel Rio 125 or similar.)
If you need another size please email to enquire, 45cm height is the tallest we can do for now, but we can custom make a size for you.
This item is not your standard aquarium background that will be fiddly to fit! It's made of a thin vinyl called static cling and as the name suggests, it clings to surfaces very easily. It is very easy to fit, looks great, minimal air bubbles and will not lift off or peel. It's the same stuff shop window displays are made from, and gives a fantastic look to any tank!
How do you fit it?
  • Clean your aquarium glass.
  • Line up the image and cut it down to the size you need. (Better to have extra left to trim down that cut too much off!)
  • Wet the area that you are sticking it to with water, if you have a little plant sprayer, use that! Or a wet tea towel wiped over the area will be fine, get it nice and wet!
  • Peel the static cling image from the backing paper and lay it on the glass, image facing away from you.
  • It will have bubbles and creases in it now, don't panic! We will fix that next.
  • So once the sheet is in place, slide it around on the glass to where you want it. If you aren't happy, peel it off and start again.
  • Take a credit card, work from the middle of the vinyl, to the edges and squeeze all the water out. (A tea towel is handy to have next to you to catch the drips)
  • Check on the photo side to see if there are any air bubbles left.
That's it! It sounds a little different to the normal one's, but it really is simple and gives a much better end result!
These are re-usable, so you can peel it off at a later date and apply it again.
We send our aquarium backgrounds in a postal tube to you, please allow 2-3 working days to reach you.
Loads of designs in our shop! Diving, Reefs, Beaches, Surfers, Racing Cars, Sharks, Las Vegas, London and many more!

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